Artist Spotlight-Mike Odden

I taught high school art for 31 years, retiring in 1999. When teaching I spent much time working on themes for what I thought other people wanted and to develop art skills. I went through a pottery stage for a number of years  but that did not satisfy me.

I did metal sculpture and when I retired I explored knife making.

But that was not it either, as my wife said I was like U2’s song -‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For ‘. I became lost and quit making art.

In 2014  after a hiatus of about 10 years I began painting again. Now however I was painting  for me.  Over the years as a form of meditation I would create what some call stream of consciousness free flowing or unconsciousness decisions. 

That is where my art is taking me, to explore the flow. When I come to a decision point I go with moving forward.  Completion comes naturally when the painting tells me to stop.

I was proud to be included with the inaugural show  August  6th 2020 at Art in Motion 56340

Click on the link below to view the interview by Keegan Konsor with me.