Mike Odden Art Through The Decades

‘Organo-morpic Paintings’

absurdities, dreams & metaphors

My current body of work uses bright color and hard edge lines to create maps that appear as endless convolutions of organic forms that represent complex labyrinths with no end. Each work is a celebration of line and color and of human Inner consciousness.  My thinking is influenced by Carl Jung’s ideas of self, where each of his works are a reflection of self. 

Carl Jung writes “ self is an  encompassing whole,  which acts as a container symbolized by a circle, a square, or an intricate mandala or labyrinth. “ 

The organic curvo-linear-convolutions can be thought of as a map of the  human  inner self with all the complexities present in each of us. Each work is an organic creation. It begins with the first color and first stroke and allows my subconscious to lead the way much the same way the surrealists used the trance as a means of subconscious painting.

I find this process of painting to be exceptionally peaceful through the action of creating lines through the movement of  brush and color to create an  organic, inner life of each work. 

Current paintings consist of thousands of organo-morphic shapes that are a consideration of the  interior of the human body and its connections to primordial forms of life. Further, concepts lie beneath the surface, stemming from a diverse interests, including, philosophy, faith, cosmology, and biology.  These concepts are then processed through my own personal absurdities, dreams and metaphors.

I have been influenced directly and indirectly by many artists throughout  my lifetime notably by artists like Kurt Hunterwasser, Ad Reinhardt, Picasso, and Jackson Pollack.