Artist Statement

Having made art my whole life working with paint, sculpture, ceramics, printing, knife making many different media. I taught high school art for 31 years retiring in 1999.

At that time feeling mentally  drained, I quit making any art of any kind until 2014. 

At that time I started painting again trusting my inner self to dictate my direction by creating my language of shapes to make my art. The art is a journey through my life to find  and accept my path.

On my current series of the last 8 years I have found myself restricted to bright colors and organic hard edges. The search for my truth requires a slow application of paint creating shapes, there is a sense of audo-inclusion to the shapes I use, some call stream of consciousness free flowing or unconsciousness decisions, mind maps if you will .  The repetition and variations of shapes that I have been using is like mental dancing comes to mind, that appear as endless convolutions of organic shapes that represent complex labyrinths with no end.  Each work is a celebration of line and color It begins with the first color and first stroke.

As the work progresses I have conversations with the painting when we come to a decision point I go  forward.  Completion comes naturally when the painting tells me to stop.